BAUT has a relaxed vibe and a fantastic menu. It’s fine dining while you enjoy in a nonchalant artistic atmosphere. This makes restaurant BAUT in Amsterdam ideal for having drinks or dinner.

BAUT is forever temporary

Unique to BAUT is that it has no permanent location in Amsterdam. BAUT always finds his home in a vacant building in Amsterdam and makes it better before it moves on to another location. This makes every new BAUT location completely different!

BAUT is food, drinks, music and culture

At the moment the beautiful Magdalena Chapel in the Spaarndammerstraat 460 (Amsterdam west) is the temporary home of BAUT. It is a place where an eclectic mix of food, drinks, art and a warm interior surprises you in combination with crazy absurdist eyecatchers.

BAUT is art

The head chef and founder of BAUT is Michiel van der Eerde. You might know Michiel as a jury member in the TV program “Masterchef Holland.” Michiel van der Eerde is also at the helm of the sister restaurants C Amsterdam and Zuid. The men who have the daily lead in the kitchen at BAUT are Dennis Borgmeijer and Armando Kampe.